About US


I want to make elegant men’s jewelry, such that the world has never seen.
That is the concept behind the Digalta brand.

I have designed this elegant jewelry for the man who really knows how to wear a suit, and demands perfection in both his business and personal life.

With that image in mind, I designed the bangles to the golden ratio, a beautifully perfect form.
Then, I added diamonds. Thus was born a bracelet worthy of a man who lives his life creatively.

Having grown up myself seeing only authentic gemstones and precious metals, I now use the Digalta brand to provide you with the elation and satisfaction available only to those who wear authentic jewelry.
It is my hope that this jewelry will help you find the greatest joys in your life, and go beyond even to be an heirloom to connect you with future generations.


Kaori Tanaka
President, Libra Jems